Running a Virtual Makerspace pt. 2 – What We're Doing

Running a Virtual Makerspace pt. 2 – What We're Doing

Here are the initiatives that the IRL is currently working on to support DePaul University students. Putting this out into the universe in case its useful for other makerspace managers:

  1. Working with local officials to identify PPE needs, and fabricating things from home for donation to those spaces. This includes, but is not limited to, face shields, N95 membranes, and gowns. More on this soon.

  2. Working on at-home kits that we can send to students to facilitate virtual workshops. The current list includes things like making soap, electronics Arduino kits, and beading.

  3. Developing support DIY programs for underserved students. This includes things like sewing kits for clothing repair and small tool check-outs for home repairs.

  4. Developing support programs for hands-on courses that are now running online. Our students will be staffing a support channel to help students and faculty get the necessary hardware and software set up at home for hands-on learning.

  5. Blog posts. We’ve spun up a blog for the IRL to give students tips on free tools they can use and how they can use them, working with their hands from home, and things of that nature. We’re doing a minimum of one blog post a day.

Hope this helps folks out there! If you have other ideas that your own makerspace is doing, please share with me on Twitter @jaymargalus