Session 11 – Nate Matteson of Obstructures and DePaul University

Nate and I have been working on an Industrial Design degree at DePaul with our colleague Eric Landahl, and have worked on a few other projects together as well. So I’m pretty familiar with some of the nuance that goes into his decision making process. But I’ve always been fascinated by his varied background in music, industrial design, art, and many many other things, and how it informs that process. This was a really fun conversation that dug into some of that, and I hope you enjoy it.

I talk with Nate Matteson of DePaul University’s School of Design and the industrial design company Obstructures. Nate’s company Obstructures makes aluminum guitars, wallets, pedals, and many many other useful tools. In addition to that, and most importantly, Nate is an excellent design educator and brings his practice into academia to help elevate his students’ potential in design. In this session, we talk about Nate’s personal projects related to sound and light, his work with Obstructures, and how that way of thinking translates into education.

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